This unique down is 100% Canadian in origin and has been carefully and gently collected from Inuit Grey Goose Down sanctuaries, located in Canada's Northerly regions.

Inuit Grey Goose Down comes from wild free migrating birds. No farming is involved. Grey goose down and eider down from Inuit communities in the Canadian Arctic are luxurious, natural and renewable materials that represent strong socio-economic benefits for Aboriginal businesses in Nunavik and Nunavut.

The Inuit Arctic grey goose down is carefully collected from migratory bird sanctuaries in northern Canada and is only available in limited quantities. This luxurious renewable resource is a source of income and food that has always been part of the traditional way of life of the people of the Far North. 


Authentic wild goose down has incredible loft and insulating capacity and in some cases has properties similar to eider down.