Eider down is the warmest and most luxurious down available worldwide.

Of all the different varieties of duck or goose down, there is nothing that even approaches the warmth, durability and breathability of eider down.


It’s unique high density and clings make it insulate at a much higher rate and defies fill power. In a puffer coat, down that holds together at all times will evenly fill the entire channels without leaving spaces through which heat can escape.


Eider down as extraordinary elasticity and resilience making it incredibly durable. Eider down will resist the test of time. Containing no feather, it can be compressed repeatedly and still recover its initial volume, meaning it never loses its lofting capacity.


Eider down has incredible breathability, its insulating capacity is so advanced that it adjusts to your body’s temperature. Marvellously well adapted for high-end outerwear, eider down breathes, letting body moisture escape.

Eider down

Is the only down

that is hand-collected from the nests of wild, free-nesting birds

Eider down is 100% down - containing absolutely no feathers with rigid quills which would potentially: pierce through the shell or lining, stop down from expanding fully or break up over time into fragments without any insulating value.

Down is the most eco-friendly insulating material.


As all by-products of the processing are biodegradable and the product itself is naturally occurring, the carbon footprint difference between synthetics and down is astonishing.

down provides approximately

three times the warmth per ounce

Eider down is the only down that is gathered

from the nests of wild, free-nesting birds


In Quebec, profits made from its sustainable harvest has allowed

the protection and maintenance of several islands of the St. Lawrence estuary.


Olmsted's Eider down is sourced from the protected islands of the St. Lawrence estuary in Quebec, Canada