The EverWax Olive Reproofing Wax
The EverWax Olive Reproofing Wax

The EverWax Olive Reproofing Wax

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EverWax™ Reproofing Wax. A blend of natural plant-based oils and waxes.
The next generation of sustainable finishes. This innovative wax explores the re-purposes of ‘waste’ by-products and continues to push the boundaries for more sustainable products, ensuring great protection from the elements. Easy-to-apply wax treatment to help maintain the water repellent qualities of the fabric.

How to use
Regular reproofing is recommended to extend item life.
1. Remove any dirt from fabric using clean water
2. Place the tin in warm water to soften the wax
3. Use a cotton cloth to Apply wax, making sure to cover difficult areas like folds, creases and pockets

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