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We offer a very special service that allows our customers to return their beloved Olmsted to be re-waxed.

We recommend that you re-wax your jacket annually, depending on wear and use.

This service includes:

  1. Return delivery to your shipping address. Your Olmsted will be returned to you once the re-proofing is done. 
  2. Re-waxing service for the outer shell of your garment only. We promise to have your re-proof completed within four weeks.

If you wish to return a waxed garment for servicing; 

  1. Select your country / region
  2. Select the style you wish to have re-waxed.
  3. Purchase The RE-WAX specific to your country and style. 
  4. Make sure you fill in the correct delivery address as this is where your re-proofed Olmsted will be returned. 
  5. Prepare your jacket and send it to our factory.

Olmsted Outerwear / Re-waxing
5064 Hutchison, Montreal, Quebec, H2V3V9, Canada

Please note : 

Olmsted Outerwear does not clean garments.

Re-waxing may initially change the appearance of your jacket, giving it a darker colour and sheen finish. With wear, the appearance of your garment will change.

Please note that the comprehensive re-waxing service we offer is for Olmsted Outerwear waxed cotton garments only.

In most cases, we can successfully re-wax a wax garment; however, some items are too damaged or are outside of our allocated time to provide and complete a re-wax. If this applies to your wax garment, our team will contact you and return your Olmsted.


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