- Alive and Warm -

Conscious luxury built to weather the storm

Luxury outerwear handcrafted in Canada, from genuine eiderdown collected in the St.Lawrence Estuary, and organic waxed cotton proofed in Scotland since 1864.

Inspired by the raw beauty of Canadian winters and as a response to the climate storm we face together, Olmsted was founded on a quest for sustainable solutions.

In every small detail, we choose to stay away from polymers, selecting natural organic fibres to promote biodegradability and minimize impact.

Eiderdown is the only down that is hand-collected from the nests of wild migrating birds. 

The benefits derived from eiderdown's sustainable harvest have led to the acquisition, protection and development of several eider nesting islands in the estuary. This harvest generates funds that are directed into concrete measures for the conservation of the natural environment and promotes biodiversity.

Be Protected