Dedication to sustainability. Dedication to humanity. 100% natural fibres and cruelty-free.

Carefully crafted in Montréal with sustainably harvested Canadian eiderdown and organic waxed cotton proofed in Scotland since 1864, Olmsted Outerwear is Alive and Warm.

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Arctic Down collection

Olmsted's coats from the new Arctic Down Collection are insulated with high loft (775 FP) hand-picked Arctic Grey Goose down, carefully collected from Inuit Grey Goose Down sanctuaries located in Canada's Northerly regions.

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Eiderdown collection

High in conscience, Utility conscious bespoke eiderdown outerwear carefully crafted in Montréal, Canada.

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In the St.Lawrence Estuary, the sustainable harvest of eiderdown down has supported the conservation of several islands, and promotes biodiversity.

Protect. Be Protected

Built to weather the storm of Canadian winter

Olmsted eschews polymers selecting the best natural organic fibres to promote biodegradability and minimize impact. Eiderdown, is the warmest in the world and harvested from the nest of wild migrating ducks.

No bird is harmed in the process.

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Olmsted Outerwear


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Olmsted Outerwear

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