Eiderdown outerwear

The most precious down on earth.

Wild down outerwear that keeps birds alive and you feeling warm.

Made in Montreal - to weather our storms

The warmest & rarest

The most desirable down in the world, harvested once a year

The sustainable harvest of eiderdown establishes an extraordinary partnership between humans and eider.

Unlike downs from breeding farms - which invariably come from slaughtering birds - no bird is harmed during the harvest.

High in conscience
Utility conscious

Better with time & weatherproofed the old fashion way

Be protected

The ReWax

We offer a very special service that allows our customers to return their beloved Olmsted to be re-waxed


Just received my wonderful Coat! OH MY GOD It is amazing!!!

BRAVO! You do an outstanding job! Will keep me warm many years from now.

My new favourite thing!

THANK you!!

Iben Fredsøe

Hundested, Denmark

I am absolutely in love.

It is the most gorgeous parka I have ever owned!

The long search is finally over.

I am looking forward to wearing it in Beijing during the Olympic Winter Games.

Thank you!

Hannah Burns

Lausanne, Switzerland


My wife's jacket has arrived, and she LOVES it!!

Ricky Bailey

Nashville, TN

The Shield was delivered today. No tax or additional charges to pay this time! I see you are improving your business practices as well!

I believe Canadian eiderdown is much better value than that purchased in Iceland.


Jesse Malone

Ringwood North, Australia

I’ve been wearing my shield everyday 3times a day going to the park with my dog Luca. I love it so much.

Can’t wait to start wearing the M65 when the weather gets a bit warmer!  

Leia Roh

New York, NY



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