The Common Eider

The name eider comes from the Icelandic aedhar, and the word "eiderdown," is a derivative of the word oedardun, meaning eider duck's down.

The vast majority of Common Eiders nest on the coasts of Iceland, Greenland and the Canadian High Arctic Islands, notably, in the St. Lawrence Estuary, Labrador and Hudson Bay.

Île Aux Pommes

Bird Sanctuary

Protected nesting habitats

The Common Eider duck survives in the icy waters of the Northern Hemisphere. Québec's bird sanctuaries on the islands of the St. Lawrence Estuary provide a safe place for the eider ducks to rest and nest during their annual migration. The eider duck colony of Île aux Pommes plays an essential role in maintaining the migrating eider population in Québec. The annual eiderdown harvest yields precious scientific data used by biologists and The Canadian Wildlife Service to manage the species and its habitat.

Eiderdown has been harvested for a millennial

Eiderdown has unique properties recognized by Icelanders going back a thousand years, and for at least three centuries by the first inhabitants of New France, which eventually became Québec. These early French settlers, overwhelmed by the harshness of Canadian winters, negotiated the purchase of eiderdown from the Indigenous peoples of the Lower North Shore of the St. Lawrence River.

Eiderdown is harvested once a year, collected by hand from wild eider ducks' nests.
No bird is harmed in the process.

Instead, this regulated harvest helps protect nesting habitat while promoting biodiversity. In the St.Lawrence Estuary, the sustainable harvest of eiderdown establishes an extraordinary partnership between humans and eider; the benefits derived from the harvest have led to the acquisition, protection and conservation of several nesting islands.

A circular economy

The harvest generates funds directed into concrete measures for the conservation and enhancement of the natural environment. Relying on Canadian eiderdown allows us to source locally and encourage small economies in remote areas. Being cleaned, washed and sterilized in Canada, all of our down exceeds Canadian and international cleanliness standards and significantly reduces our carbon footprint.

The Vest - Limited Edition SPAIAP
The Vest - Limited Edition SPAIAP
The Vest - Limited Edition SPAIAP
The Vest - Limited Edition SPAIAP

The Vest - Limited Edition SPAIAP

Regular price1,655 CAD

Made from our naturally rainproof waxed cotton, insulated with luxurious Canadian eiderdown, our take on this timeless piece is a natural luxury classic. With a sizable built-in hood and fabulous insulated hand-warming pockets, Olmsted's unisex hooded vest adds just the right amount of protection and goes everywhere with you. The limited-edition vest features the Olmsted for l'Ile Aux Pommes collaboration badge embossed on veg-tanned black leather.

Female model measurements : 5.5'' ft. (168 cm ) | 120 lbs (55 Kg). Wearing size XS.
Male model measurements : 6.1'' ft. (186 cm) | 155 lbs (70 Kg). Wearing size M.

Recommended for: -10°C to 15°C / 14°F to 59°F 

Insulation 100% Canadian eiderdown
Perhaps the most desirable down in the world, eiderdown is a uniquely renewable resource, naturally biodegradable, with unrivalled insulation characteristics. Unlike downs from breeding farms - which invariably come from slaughtering birds - no duck is killed during the down harvest, making it ethical down.

Shell Organic waxed cotton, proofed in Scotland. Made from 100% plant-based waxes and oils giving Olmsted's outer a unique appearance and an extreme resistance to the elements. The wax naturally picks up marks and creases through use, which adds to the character of the fabric itself. Garments continually adapt to the wearers' personality, creating unique, one-of-a-kind products.

Lining GRS Recycled polyester, made in Italie. A breathable, waterproof and down-proof lining allying performance and sustainability to keep down in and sweat out.

Hardware N°10 Nickel-free brass zippers, made in Switzerland. The most reliable and sturdy hardware, in a neat black copper finish that blends smoothly with Olmsted's clean aesthetic.


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